Wonderful/Terrible™ was set up with the sole intent of been somewhere to find terrible, funny gifts. Things you won’t ever buy for yourself, but will happily shower your family and friends with at Christmas or for that birthday when you really don’t know what else to get them.

We are, unabashedly, an affiliate site* – we don’t stock or sell anything our self. We link to products on other sites (mostly Amazon* at the moment) to highlight some of the unimaginably horrendous joke presents available, trying to make it easier for you to find the perfect joke gift for the unsuspecting receiver, who, although they never actually asked for a pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face on it, will treasure it and wonder how they ever lived without it.

There really is a tremendous amount of tat for sale on the internet, Wonderful/Terrible™ is just the tip of the iceberg, an emporium of crap, but it will get you on your way to finding a gift for someone when you really can’t think of anything useful to buy them.


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