Welcome to Wonderful/Terrible™, an emporium of terrible gifts!

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Sorry about that, needed to get if off my chest.

The site has just launched (November 2018) and is very much a work in progress – hence the small but growing amount of product it shows. So what exactly will Wonderful/Terrible™ become? Hopefully it will be somewhere to find all the worst products and gifts you can imagine, as simple as that.

How do we define what’s bad enough to go on here in the first place? A good bad gift is one you would never, ever buy for yourself, but you’d be happy to spend your hard earned cash on it for someone else.

For example; would you buy yourself a pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face on it, to display proudly on your sofa and cuddle up to when you watch Face/Off and The Rock? Hopefully you answered ‘no’ to that (if not, we won’t judge). But would you buy a pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face on it to give to your sister because you know it’ll make her laugh? Of course you would. It might get thrown away with the tree after Christmas or used as the head of the guy on bonfire night, but it served it’s purpose.

But just because it was a good gift doesn’t mean it’s a good product. A pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face on it is a terrible product, and you can’t convince us otherwise. And it’s that sort of wonderful/terrible gift that Wonderful/Terrible™ aims to curate and bring to the attention of the good people of planet earth. We are an emporium of crap. A bazaar of wonderful/terrible products that simultaneously make you feel sorry for the human race and warm and fuzzy with happiness.


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